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Root Causes of Violent Conflict – An Evidence-Based Overview

Thematic Support Unit


In 2019, Sida conducted an external evaluation of its support to peacebuilding in conflict and post-conflict contexts. This evaluation recommended Sida to enhance its focus on root causes and drivers of conflict (as well as drivers of peace) and to link these specifically to the expected results of its peacebuilding work. While root causes of armed conflicts are highly contextual, this evidence brief discusses a selection of general root causes of conflict as supported by research with a strong focus on empirical evidence. The brief can be used by Sida managers and staff as a starting point in the preparation of a context-specific conflict analysis; in analysis of the peace and security dimension of Sida’s multidimensional poverty analysis (MDPA) and/or in the development of theories of change in the operationalisation of strategies. The evidence brief mainly focuses on state-based internal armed conflict. The number of state-based armed conflicts is on a historic high and most of them are internal.5 This type of conflict is common in the contexts that Sida is engaged in.


Publicerad på webbplatsen: 2023-05-02

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Utgiven: 2023

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