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International Training Programmes

Sida's International Training Programme (ITP) offers key people from institutions in low- and middle-income countries training in implementing reforms. The objective is a transparent, efficient and democratic state administration under the rule of law.

The objective is long-term sustainable change

The objective of ITP is to create opportunities for long-term and sustainable change. The programmes support low- and middle-income countries' reform plans in key areas. They cover everything from health, education, social security systems and human rights to patents, information and communication technology, trade, energy, the environment and climate adaptation.

ITP programme catalogue

See ongoing programmes and their contents in the ITP programme catalogue. The programmes are aimed at participants from low- and middle-income countries. Please note that there are no fees associated with applying to Sida-funded ITPs.

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Participants lead change processes

The programmes develop the skills of people who hold key positions in various organisations and have a mandate to lead change processes. The participating organisations have the opportunity to gain new insights and exchange experiences about effective methods, as well as strengthen their capacity.

Participants represent public administration, civil society, academia and business. The focus is on creating meeting places for collaborations and exchange of experience between organisations from different countries.

Swedish and international organisers in partnership

ITP programmes are organised by Swedish and international public agencies, universities, private companies and NGOs on assignment from Sida. Great focus is on creating strong and long-term collaborations between the participating institutions.

The design of the programmes vary. They can include mentorship and activities in the participating institutions' home countries in combination with activities in Sweden, or in regions with a cluster of participating countries.

Participating institutions are often supported by local mentors, online learning, study visits and joint workshops. Many form professional networks after the end of the programme, to continue to exchange experiences and support each other.

How Sida's international training programmes are governed


Decision makers at climate change training

For three weeks, 30 participants from East Africa have been hosted by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. They participate in a training on climate change adaptation.

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Updated: August 10, 2022