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Procurements at Sida

Sida procures consulting services, collaborations with public agencies and other services that we need to do our work.

Kommers Annons

All Sida procurements are advertised on Kommers Annons, where you can register interest in a procurement, as well as download attachments and submit questions. You can also read about planned, ongoing and completed procurements. All tenders should be submitted in Kommers Annons.

Sida's procurements

There are currently no ongoing procurements

Cooperation partners' procurements

There are currently no ongoing procurements

Regulations that apply for Sida’s procurements

All of Sida’s procurements are governed by the Public Procurement Act (LOU), with the exception of procurements carried out in accordance with other international regulations (LOU Chapter 3, § 7-9). For Sida, these other cases usually apply to cooperation procurements, which are governed by the Sida Procurement Guidelines or other international procurement regulations.

You find further information about procurements and the Public Procurement Act on the website of the National Agency for Public Procurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: November 25, 2022