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Green Toolbox

Welcome to Sida's Green Toolbox. Here you find tools and documents to support the assessment and integration of the environment and climate change perspective in Sida's operations.

Conceptual Framework: Environment and Climate

Our surrounding environment, including our climate and biodiversity, is the basis for human life. Changes in the climate and loss of ecosystem services undermine the development in all sectors and hit people living in poverty the most. Therefore it is important for professionals working with development cooperation to understand the interlinkages between environment and climate and poverty. 

While the challenges are huge, Sida has the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable development through assessing and integrating environment into Swedish development cooperation and, thereby, support a more sustainable development at global, regional and national level. It is more than do-no-harm.

It is about actively looking at:

1. Opportunities for a positive impact from the contribution
2. Risks and negative impact from the contribution are avoided or reduced and managed
3. Identify and manage risks from the potential impacts of climate change or other environmental degradation on the sustainability and resilience of the contribution.

Sida’s environmental integration

An overview on Sida’s approach to environment, including climate change:

In-depth information on Sida’s integration of environmental and climate aspects: 


Sida has developed tools to facilitate the assessment and implementation of the environment and climate change perspective in our operations.  

Step 1 for Sida Programme Officers

How to consider environment and climate in a project proposal and consider capacity.

Step 2 is for both Partner organisation and Sida Programme Officers

How to involve partners to undertake a simplified environmental assessment to assess direct and indirect impacts of environment and climate.

Step 3 for Sida Programme Officers

How to analyse the partner’s Simplified Environmental Assessment and act and adapt the project, based on the results.

Step 4 Normative Dialogue

Examples of normative dialogue on environment and climate change as well as ideas for questions that can be used in dialogue with partners on integration of environment and climate change in contributions, within other themes.

Step 5 Monitoring and evaluation

Gives guidance on how to identify and use environmental and climate change indicators at country and sector levels.

Learning briefs on thematic issues

Briefs provide targeted support and guidance on how to integrate environment and climate within other perspectives, different thematic areas and sectors to create more sustainable projects and programmes.

Interlinkages with other Sida perspectives

All Sida's work should be permeated by five perspectives:

  • poverty
  • human rights
  • environment and climate
  • gender equality
  • conflict

Read about interlinkages between environment and climate change and the other perspectives:

Interlinkages with other sectors

Environment and climate change must be mainstreamed and integrated in all Sida’s operations. This includes strengthening and promoting environmental sustainability in different sectors and in dialogue with stakeholders at all levels.

Information briefs on interlinkages between environment and climate and other sectors:

In-depth thematic knowledge on environment and climate

Here you find in-depth guidance on different issues related to environment and climate.

Assignments from the Swedish government

Sida's analysis and lessons learned for additional measures to increase alignment of Swedish bilateral development cooperation with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Examples of country environmental briefs

Environment and climate context analysis used by Sida's country teams to analyse the development dynamics in our partner countries. 



The OECD has reviewed environment and climate change mainstreaming in development cooperation in Sweden, Canada, the European Commission and the European Investment Bank.

Portfolio overview

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Updated: 2 July 2021