Feminaredaktionen i Tanzania jobbar med att kommunicera sex- och samlevnad samt andra frågor som berör unga människor genom tidningar, TV och radio. Sida stödjer programemt sedan 2006 genom ett bilateralt samarbete.

The Femina editorial staff in Tanzania is working to communicate sex and relationships, as well as other issues affecting young people through newspapers, television and radio. Sida supports the programme since 2006 through a bilateral cooperation.

Photo: Goodluck Mushi

approaches and methods

How an intervention comes about

Updated: 23 May 2014

How does it work when a programme or a project comes into existence? What is the most effective way to use the contribution and who should carry out the work?

What kind of development interventions Sida chooses to support depend on several factors. The country’s own potential determines the choice of interventions, as well as Sweden’s development cooperation policies and other donor’s work.

Depending on what kind of aid assistance it is, the process of how to decide and implement an intervention varies. Below you can find an example of how an intervention can come about – step by step:

Bilateral cooperation – Electrification in Mozambique

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