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Sida's work in Somalia

A combination of decades of armed conflict, weak political governance and recurring climate-related crises has struck the people of Somalia very hard. Sweden is one of the largest donors to the country, promoting peace building, democracy, human rights and climate resilience. Sida also works humanitarianly in Somalia.

Sida’s support to Somalia 2020

Total development assistance 819153000 SEK, Development cooperation 646021000 SEK, Humanitarian assistance 173131722 SEK.

Progress has been made


of Somalia's parliamentarians are women. In 2016, it was decided that 30% of parliamentary seats would be reserved for women. While this quota has not yet been achieved, the percentage of women in parliament has increased.

Innovative business sector

During the decades in which the Somali state has been relatively non-existent, the business sector has experienced strong growth and innovation. Communication technology has become an important sector; three quarters of the adult population use mobile banking services.

Maternal mortality has decreased

Although maternal mortality has decreased significantly over the past 20 years, the level still remains very high.

Challenges remain


of women in the age group 20-24 have been married or in union since before the age of 18. Girls and women are subjected to discrimination and gender-based violence.

Corruption is all pervasive

Somalia is the lowest ranked country in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index for 2019.

Many human rights violations

In terms of democracy, the rule of law and human rights, the situation in the country is dire. All parties in the on-going armed conflicts commit human rights violations. Access to formal justice is extremely limited, especially in rural areas.

Two types of aid in Somalia

In Somalia, Sida implements development cooperation to contribute to long-term development of the country. We also provide humanitarian assistance to save lives and alleviate suffering in emergency situations.

Updated: 9 November 2021