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Sida's work in Palestine

Over 20 percent of the Palestinians live in poverty, and over two million people are in need of humanitarian aid, most of them living in Gaza. The aim of Sida's development cooperation with Palestine is a peaceful and sustainable two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict based on international law.

Sida’s support to Palestine 2020

Progress has been made

Parental leave for women

While Palestine is lagging behind in terms of gender equality, one improvement in recent years has been the introduction of an entitlement to 70 days of maternity leave for working women.

High levels of education

The level of education in Palestine is high and almost all young people are literate.

Management of waste

Over recent years, growing awareness of the importance of combating littering has led to increasing quantities of household waste being collected, sorted and taken to waste management facilities.

Challenges remain


Palestinians are unemployed. The situation is most acute in Gaza.

The occupation hinders development

The Israeli occupation continues to present the greatest obstacle to Palestine’s development.

Civil society is under pressure

Civil society organisations remain under pressure and continue to face threats and violence.

Two types of aid in Palestine

In Palestine, Sida implements development cooperation to contribute to long-term development of the country. We also provide humanitarian assistance to save lives and alleviate suffering in emergency situations.

Updated: 8 September 2021