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Sida's work in Bangladesh

Sida's development cooperation in Bangladesh focuses on democracy, human rights, gender equality, health, climate and the environment. Poverty in Bangladesh has been steadily declining since the 1990s but remains widespread. Democratic development is going in the wrong direction and the country is vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters.

Progress has been made

More and more people are being vaccinated

Health services in Bangladesh were hit hard by the pandemic, but the number of health workers in the country’s health facilities is now increasing and the number of children receiving vaccines is at the same level as before the pandemic.1

Environment and climate increasingly important

Bangladesh is at the forefront of environmental and climate policies and legislation, but implementation is weak. However, it is becoming an increasingly important issue on the policy agenda and plans combining socio-economic development with climate resilience have been expanded.

Productive employment with decent working conditions

The social partners have drawn up an action plan to improve working conditions for the country’s workers. This is an important step forward both for individuals and for the country’s international trade relations.

Challenges remain

30 %

of the population is estimated to be living in poverty. After several years of sharp decline, poverty has increased again. This is partly due to the negative effects of the pandemic including closures and restrictions.2

Human rights deficiencies

Political and civil rights remain under severe pressure and democratic space is shrinking. The upcoming national elections in 2023 carry the risk of increased political unrest and further restrictions.

Children more vulnerable

School closures and poverty have hit children hard, and child marriage rates in Bangladesh have risen sharply.3 Child labour has also increased.4

Two types of aid in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Sida implements development cooperation to contribute to long-term development of the country. We also provide humanitarian assistance to save lives and alleviate suffering in emergency situations.

Updated: October 6, 2022