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Evaluation of Sida’s support towards food security as part of a wider food system

Final Report


Sida’s support to food security and food systems spans a diverse range of sectors, including support to reforms of agricultural and land policies, land administration and tenure, food production, agricultural extension services and training, distribution, markets at local, regional and global levels, processing and commercialisation of agricultural products (value chains), technical and scientific innovation, economic instruments, research as well as humanitarian aid in acute and protracted crises. The evaluation looked at how Sida approaches food security in a food systems perspective, how Sida works with food related programming, and where there is room for improvement. The findings show that while a broad range of programmes are relevant for contributing to food security there is very little policy guidance to steer general programming, and even where food security is mentioned in Sweden’s country cooperation strategies, it is never defined. As a result, Sida’s profile in relation to food security is indistinct and reflects a variety of paradigms for influencing food systems.


Published on the website: 2022-09-05

Publication type: Sida Evaluation

Published: 2022

Language: English

Author: Ian Christoplos, Mike Brewin, Munhamo Chisvo, Nathalie Pano, Rima Al-Azar, Verona Parkinson