The first page of the newspaper Newsday in Zimbabwe, November 22 2017, declaring that Robert Mugabe resigns after 37 years on his post as president.

Today we are free!

After 37 years in power, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has handed in his resignation. The rejoicing that broke out in parliament was deafening and the joy immediately revealed on Harare's streets could not be missed. Image from Wednesday's issue of the newspaper NewsDay.

Ouattara Bere Maimouna, Konombi Mouni och Safietou Sanfo under en ITP-kurs om Klimatförändringar, anordnad av SMHI.

International Training programmes

Sida’s International Training Programmes are open to candidates from most low- and middle income countries. The aim is to support and strengthen the participants own plans for change on organizational and sectoral levels.