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Almedalen: ”No More Pandemics”: The Pathway to Healthier and more Resilient Societies

The COVID-19 pandemic presented an unprecedented challenge to health systems worldwide and highlighted gaps in our capacity to respond to pandemics. After a rigorous global evaluation, we now know what we need to do to prevent and handle future pandemics. The question is: will we do it?

The pandemic presented all countries and health systems with the challenge of caring for COVID-19 patients and delivering basic health services while experiencing disruptions in supply chains, lack of personal protective equipment and life-saving medicines, and reduced staffing and capacity in healthcare facilities.

In many low- and middle-income countries, the situation was exacerbated by already limited budgets for the health sector and strained governance systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has also revealed the need for cross-sectoral engagement and cooperation between neighbouring countries to prevent, detect, identify, track and respond to rapid spread of diseases and health conditions.

Sida has assembled a panel of experts who will each describe the effects of the pandemic on the health system from their perspective, and share how they are working to contribute to the development of health systems that can withstand future health shocks due to pandemics, conflicts and climate change.


  • Carin Jämtin, Director General, Sida
  • Anders Nordström, Sweden’s Ambassador for Global Health
  • Eleni Aklillu, Professor of Tropical Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet
  • Anders Pedersen, International Director, Swedish Red Cross

Moderator: Sarah Thomsen, Lead Policy Specialist in Health and SRHR, Sida

About Sverige i Världen

Sverige i Världen – ”Sweden in the world” – is the global meeting place at Almedalen and is organised by Sida, in cooperation with more than 50 organisations. During four days, Donnersgatan 6 is transformed into a vivid square with exciting activities, seminars and debates focusing on global development.

Together we set the agenda and discuss democracy, climate change, peace and security, equality, the future of international aid and much more! Sverige i Världen is open Sunday to Wednesday 3-6 July 2022 during Almedalen and all the seminars are livestreamed at the Youtube-channel.

Uppdaterad: June 23, 2022