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Almedalen: Millions of Girls and Women like Me – A Story about Education in Afghanistan

For the past two years, Afghan girls have not been able to attend school due to the pandemic and the takeover by the Taliban. But this is not a new challenge in Afghanistan, where children’s right to education is continuously denied and violated. What happens when you are denied an education?

Prolonged war and conflict has devastated Afghanistan’s education system and education is unattainable for many children – particularly in rural areas and for girls. Which are the main obstacles facing the educational system? How is the international community contributing to providing quality education for the most vulnerable?

This session will spotlight the story of Zuhra Sahar from Afghanistan. She will share her own experience growing up in a rural area and her struggle to get an education – a story that is shared with many girls and women in the country.

Zuhra is one of the millions of girls who experienced adversity living in Afghanistan but has always stood up for her right to an education. For many years, she worked with the right to education at the Swedish Embassy in Kabul and was evacuated in 2021 after the Taliban’s takeover.

The conversation is led by Khazar Fatemi, prized journalist, who lived in Afghanistan in her childhood and has revisited the country many times in her work.


  • Zuhra Sahar, former Programme Officer at the Embassy of Sweden in Afghanistan
  • Khazar Fatemi, prized journalist, moderates the conversation

About Sverige i Världen

Sverige i Världen – ”Sweden in the world” – is the global meeting place at Almedalen and is organised by Sida, in cooperation with more than 50 organisations. During four days, Donnersgatan 6 is transformed into a vivid square with exciting activities, seminars and debates focusing on global development.

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Uppdaterad: June 23, 2022