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Almedalen: Media in Wartime Ukraine: Vacuum, Disinformation and Cooperation

Wars are always fought both on the battlefield and in people’s minds. So is Russia’s war against Ukraine, where information and disinformation has played a big role. With speakers from Ukraine, we discuss challenges for media in wartime, as well as the strategies they have taken to cope with it.

Four months after Russia attacked Ukraine, disinformation and propaganda continues to be an important part of the warfare. Information and communication technologies have also played a positive role, making it possible to document and expose war-crimes on a scale seldom seen in past conflicts.

While the outside world has learned about atrocities committed in Bucha and Irpin, Ukrainian citizens in territories occupied by Russia have been cut off from the outside world. How does this information vacuum influence people in occupied areas?

The Ukrainian media has shown unusual solidarity and ability to cooperate. For example, major Ukrainian media broadcast and online media are uniting efforts and taking turns in providing uninterrupted information. With speakers directly from Ukraine, we will discuss how the Ukrainian media has prepared both mentally and institutionally after 8 years of conflict.


  • Olga Sedova, Programme Officer at the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine
  • Ukrainian journalist, Ukraine Public Broadcaster
  • Ukrainian researcher, Detector Media

Moderator: Joanna Kurosz, Advisor on Freedom of Expression, Sida

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Uppdaterad: June 23, 2022