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Women’s Economic Empowerment

Thematic Overview 2023


This is an update of Sida’s thematic overview of Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment: Scope for Sida’s engagement, developed 2009 and updated in 2015. This Thematic Overview aims to provide overall guidance to Sida and its partners on conceptual and operational dimensions of Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE), but does not exhaust this vast area. The Overview is embedded within Sida’s Multidimensional Poverty Analysis (MDPA). WEE is a priority in promoting economic justice, gender equality and the rights of women and girls within Swedish international development cooperation. WEE is central to Sida’s poverty alleviation efforts. As will be shown in this Overview, women and girls face many constraints in accessing resources and opportunities, exercising choice, voice and power, and enjoying human security. References to ‘women’ throughout this Overview signifies women in all their diversity. An intersectional perspective is essential to Women’s Economic Empowerment. This is done by considering how gender intersects with other identities such as age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, race, caste, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, and how these affect each other. Sida recognises and defends the rights of all, including for people who experience a gender identity that is neither exclusively male nor female or is in between or beyond both, also referred to as non-binary. See How Sida works with Gender Equality. Sida recognises that men and boys, particularly those in marginalised groups, also face many constraints, but the evidence shows us that women and girls are at a greater disadvantage across all groups, including marginalised ones, such as (but not exclusively) people with disabilities and indigenous groups. The material presented in this Overview is linked to the MDPA core areas of Opportunities and Choice; Power and Voice; Access to, control over and benefit from resources; and Human Security. The focus on poverty means that we prioritise measures that tackle gender inequalities as they intersect with economic/class disadvantage. See also Sida brief on Gender Equality and Dimensions of Poverty.


Publicerad på webbplatsen: 2023-03-07

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