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Sustainable Ocean Economy


The sustainability of our oceans is under severe threat from pollution and eutrophication, unsustainable fishing practices, and effects from climate change such as ocean warming and acidification. More than 3 billion people rely on the ocean for their livelihoods, and over 80 per cent of world merchandise trade is carried out by sea. The ocean contributes to poverty eradication, sustained economic growth and food security and climate regulation. Sweden promotes strengthened efforts for protection and restoration, sustainable management and use of marine, coastal and freshwater ecosystems, biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystem services and also cleaner water and oceans, reduced emissions of pollutants and reduced littering. Sida is targeting the most vulnerable coastal communities while ensuring the ocean economy is developed sustainably for the benefit of people and nature. Sida’s financial support to a sustainable ocean economy was SEK 719 million in 2021. This accounts for approximately 2.8 percent of Sida’s total disbursements, steadily increasing over the last five years.


Publicerad på webbplatsen: 2022-06-21

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Utgiven: 2022

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