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Performance Evaluation of Swedish Research Cooperation with Tanzania 2015 to 2022

Final Report


The evaluation assessed the results achieved by Sweden’s support to three university-based partnerships and to Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology. Evaluation confirmed the Relevance of support, which responds well to the identified needs of Tanzanian universities the economy. The Effectiveness of results achieved was generally positively assessed, although variation in achievements was recorded across the 31 sub-programmes. Impact is not monitored effectively by the programmes, which hinders assessment of this aspect. Evaluation identified two pathways towards achieving long-term positive change affecting the poor: the longer pathway involving the production of research, publication of results, integration of results in policy and practice. The shorter pathway involves targeted outreach and user engagement activities that address specific needs of communities, during the conduct of research. Sustainability is most visible in the integration of research support systems within institutions, but weakest in terms of financial sustainability. The report presents 8 recommendations aimed at strengthening the programmatic basis of the support and extending system-wide effects.


Publicerad på webbplatsen: 2022-04-28

Publikationstyp: Utvärdering – Sida Decentralised Evaluation

Utgiven: 2022

Språk: Engelska

Författare: Carl Erik Schou Larsen, Jennifer Kasanda Sesabo, Raphael Wahome, Stephen Webber, Ulrika Enemark