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Guidance on Conflict Analysis – A Technical Note

Thematic Support Unit


INTRODUCTION A conflict analysis is a structured analysis to understand conflicts and risk of conflicts. It is not the same as context analysis, which seeks to understand the broader situation. The conflict exists within the context and is part of it, but has its own logic and dynamic. Conflict analysis can help Sida and its partners to better understand how development cooperation is affected by, and has an effect on, potential or ongoing violent conflicts. Sida commissions and develops conflict analyses for different purposes, and has experience of using different tools and methods for conflict analysis. Rather than pointing to any one specific tool, this Technical Note (TN) recognises that there are many useful tools available. What this TN seeks to do is to provide general advice about what to think about when commissioning or conducting conflict analyses at Sida, including examples of questions to include. The first part of the TN highlights a few things that are particularly useful to consider when commissioning or conducting conflict analysis. This includes identifying the conflict that is to be analysed, and defining the purpose, usage, level and scope of the conflict analysis. It also emphasises the importance of evidence-based, participatory and gender responsive analysis. Finally it contains a reminder that the process itself ought to be conflict sensitive and kept sufficiently updated to stay relevant.


Publicerad på webbplatsen: 2023-05-02

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Utgiven: 2023

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