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Evaluation of the Strategy for support via Swedish civil society organisations 2016–2022

Final Report


The Strategy for Support via Swedish Civil Society Organisations 2016-2022 aims to foster a vibrant and pluralistic civil society indeveloping countries. The purpose and intended use of the evaluation is to provide an evidence base for Sida’s in-depth report for theCSO-strategy to be submitted to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Evaluation questions derived from the M&E framework forthe evaluation. The data shows that SPOs have become less dependent on Sida funding. It also indicates that ASOs have increasedtheir dependence on Sida funding. The M&E framework requires CIVSAM to collect result examples. While the evaluation hasidentified a range of such examples, it is clear that some SPOs and IAPs to a greater extent than others have been able to capture andreport on higher-level outcomes, and provide a clear link between these outcomes and their support. This calls for a closer linkbetween the contents of results reports and the M&E framework.CIVSAM should review the Sida guidelines for application and reporting from SPOs to emphasize contribution to higher-level results,and try to provide a clearer link between such results and the activities of specific POs.


Publicerad på webbplatsen: 2021-03-24

Publikationstyp: Utvärdering – Sida Decentralised Evaluation

Utgiven: 2021

Språk: Engelska

Författare: Jonas Lövkrona, Åsa Königson, Anna Schnell, Annefried Mueller