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Evaluation of the International Training Program (ITP) 309 Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (CCMA) implemented by SMHI, Swedish Metereological and Hydrological Institute (2015–2023)

Final Report


The report presents the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation of ITP 309, the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (CCMA) Programme funded by Sida CAPDEV and implemented by SMHI, which targets 10 African countries with a focus on water and agriculture. The main objective of the evaluation was to determine the relevance, effectiveness and practical application of the programme as well as its impact on cross-cutting issues such as gender, poverty, human rights and anti-corruption. The evaluation found that the design of the programme was relevant, effective and in line with Swedish cooperation strategies and concluded that the programme had successfully made a measurable contribution to the specific objectives of the Theory of Change. The programme achieved the expected results in terms of increased awareness of the CCMA, capacity building in key organisations and implementation of activities. At the same time, the evaluation also found that cross-cutting issues took up little space in the programme and had minimal impact. According to the recommendations, the programme could be strengthened by better cooperation with other development stakeholders.


Publicerad på webbplatsen: 2023-05-25

Publikationstyp: Utvärdering – Sida Decentralised Evaluation

Utgiven: 2023

Språk: Engelska

Författare: Björn Ternström, Bridget Umar, Dam Mogbante, Malam Soule, Yodit Balcha