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Evaluation of Guatemalan Institutional Justice Strengthening Project (2019–2022)

Final Report


This evaluation considers the Sida supported Guatemalan Institutional Justice Strengthening Project (GIJS) (2019-2022) implemented by the Justice Education Society of British Columbia (JES). GIJS aims to strengthen the capacity of the Public Ministry in Guatemala (MP), which is responsible for criminal investigation and the prosecution of crime. was relevant at design stage and has remained so over the course of the project. Good levels of coherence within the project were found and the project is complementary to support provided to the MP, including that provided by Sida under other projects. Changes in leadership and COVID-19 have delayed activities, but the project has responded well to these and has achieved or was on track to achieve its stated outcomes. Impact at the highest level is modest, but direct impact is noted in many areas. Sustainability has also been enhanced by the focus on institutional development. However, the entire project is affected by an ongoing deterioration within the MP following a decision by the Attorney- General to dismiss the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity that has led Sweden to indefinitely suspend technical cooperation with the MP.


Publicerad på webbplatsen: 2022-01-13

Publikationstyp: Utvärdering – Sida Decentralised Evaluation

Utgiven: 2022

Språk: Engelska

Författare: Ana Gabriela Contreras, Greg Moran, Kimberly Inksater