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An Integrated Conflict Perspective and Dimensions of Poverty

Poverty Toolbox


Conflict and violence are main obstacles to development. Violent conflicts both create enormous human suffering, revert development gains and make it more difficult for women, men, girls and boys to escape poverty. While considerable progress in poverty reduction has been made, people living in poverty and extreme poverty are now increasingly concentrated to countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence. Sida’s framework for multi-dimensional poverty1 integrates a conflict perspective both by recognizing lack of human security as one of four dimensions of poverty and the peace and security context as major cause of poverty. The purpose of this brief is to describe how human security and the peace and conflict context interplay with the other dimensions of poverty in Sida’s conceptual framework and how to integrate a conflict perspective into the multidimensional poverty analysis (MDPA).


Publicerad på webbplatsen: 2021-11-16

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Utgiven: 2021

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