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Review of Scandinavian Consortium Technical Assistance to Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Mozambican National Statistical System (2008–2017)

Review Report


Scanstat is a statistical technical cooperation between the National Statistics Institute (INE) in Mozambique and a consortium of threenational statistics services in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. This review aimed to analyse the result of Scanstat technical assistance(TA) for the period 2008–2018 as well as to identify and propose content and modalities for future cooperation. A mixed-methodsapproach was employed by performing the following activities: document review; analysis of quality statistical data and itspresentation; field visits to three provincial delegations and; semi structured and open informant interviews. The findings indicatethat Scanstat TA has contributed to the significant quality improvements of INE. Additionally, it is evident that the TA has been wellaligned with INE strategy and also relevant in the context of Mozambique. The review also identified that there is still considerableroom for improvement and presented a set of twelwe recommendations including how to further advance the capacity within INE andimproving products and services of INE hereunder relationships and network building and identifying how to strengthen theinstitution’s work on a longer-term basis.


Published on the website: 2019-06-18

Publication type: Sida Decentralised Evaluation

Published: 2019

Language: English

Author: Frans van Gerwen, Norah Teopista Wamayi Madaya