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Evaluation of the impact of the support to Karibu Tanzania Organization in the Education Sector

Final Report


Karibu Tanzania Organization (KTO) is a Tanzanian NGO working as an umbrella organization for 54 Folk Development Colleges (FDCs), which offer vocational education and lifelong learning and contribute to social and economic development in local communities. The evaluation should serve as input to the Swedish Embassy/Sida and KTO for planning of a possible new phase with Sida funding to KTO. The evaluation was mainly qualitative with analysis based on interviews with KTO, ministries, and FDC teaching staff and students in 19 FDCs. The evaluation concluded that both the Sida support to KTO and the KTO support to the FDCs are largely relevant. The operations of KTO are efficient, adapting to the available funding. The three FDC programmes supported meet the need of the students, giving opportunities for further education for young females dropping out of the ordinary school system. FDC students report increased self-esteem, confidence and hopes for the future. The vocational FDC studies increase possibilities for post-college income-generation. KTO operations are not sustainable today with Sida as the main funder. It is recommended that Sida gives core funding in a possible next support phase. KTO is however advised against spreading activities too wide, but rather consolidate efforts. KTO must strengthen the fundraising capacity in the staffing and boost efforts in diversifying the donor base.


Published on the website: 2023-01-11

Publication type: Sida Decentralised Evaluation

Published: 2023

Language: English

Author: Dolf Noppen, Magreth Henjewele, Tore Laugerud