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Results-based management

Results-based management is an important approach to ensure that Swedish development cooperation contributes to creating opportunities for people living in poverty and under oppression to improve their living conditions.

Results-based management maximises achievement

Sida’s use of results-based management aims to maximise achievements by continuously learning from success as well as failure and making adaptations based on the lessons learned. This approach is based on constantly asking questions such as “What do we want to achieve?”, “What have we achieved?” and “What can we do differently to increase the chances of achieving our objectives?”.

This analytical approach is vital for Sida as a development agency. It is equally important that Sida’s cooperation partners, i.e. the implementing organisations, use this approach in order to create opportunities for people living in poverty and under oppression to improve their living conditions.

Sida requirements on projects and programmes

All Sida funded projects and programmes must have objectives that enable monitoring and reporting on results. Sida does not require any specific format or terminology but welcome that our partners choose the monitoring method that they find most adequate.

Regardless of the method and format used, our partners must answer the following questions:

  • What is to be achieved? Objectives at different levels.
  • How will the objectives be achieved? Causal relationships and assumptions on how the objectives are to be achieved, also known as intervention logic or theory of change.
  • How will the intervention be monitored and/or evaluated? The monitoring method used by partners to assess whether the intervention leads to the achievement of the objectives, often involving indicators.

Contact us

If you would like support in the application of results-based management you may consider asking your Sida contact person to explore the possibilities of making a call-off from Sida’s frame work agreement on results-based management.

Learn more about results-based management

You will find more elaborate information on Sida’s view on results-based management as well as Sida’s requirements on projects and programmes in this presentation


Reclaim the results

Would you like to learn more about results-based management? Watch the seminar "Reclaim the Results" with Sida's Director General, the State Secretary to the Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sida's senior advisor on RBM, Sida's cooperation partners and others.

Play time: 2h 33m 01s

Updated: December 23, 2020