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Peace and conflict toolbox

How can development cooperation help resolve conflicts, build peace and avoid creating unnecessary conflicts? In Peace and Conflict toolbox you will find tools to support your work for peaceful development.

Tools for anyone working with international development

The target group of Peace and Conflict Toolbox is both those working specifically with peace and human security, and those who work with international development cooperation or humanitarian aid in general.

It contains tools that deal with conflict sensitivity in all development cooperation, as well as tools that focus specifically on peace building. The toolbox contains method support and guidance for various parts of the work of Swedish International Development Cooperation (Sida). Learn more about how to:

  • develop strategy proposals
  • handle programmes and projects
  • follow up strategies

The toolbox includes three different kinds of materials:

  • Tools
  • Issue Briefs
  • Thematic Overviews

The Toolbox will continuously be updated with additional materials based on identified needs, interests and priorities.

Conflict perspective and conflict sensitivity

Violence and armed conflict lead to human suffering and material destruction. It harms human development and the development of countries and make it more difficult to get out of poverty. Peace is a prerequisite for sustainable development. When designing development assistance, we must always take into account how it can affect the tensions and conflicts that already exist in society. All development cooperation must support peaceful development, and must never thwart its own aims by inadvertently exacerbating violence and conflict.

A systematic work

Conflict sensitivity or the conflict perspective means systematically planning and implementing activities in a way that prevents or minimizes negative and maximizes positive effects. A negative effect is everything that exacerbates a conflict, a positive effect is everything that increases the prospects for peace.

Conflict sensitivity and the conflict perspective are always important and relevant, not only in areas with or with risk of armed conflict, but also where peace prevails. At Sida we use the terms “conflict sensitivity" and "conflict perspective" more or less as synonyms.

The tools

The tools provide support and guidance on integrating conflict sensitivity in Sida’s key processes.

Issue Briefs

Briefs provide targeted support and guidance on how to integrate conflict sensitivity within different thematic areas and sectors.

Thematic Overviews

Thematic Overviews provide more in-depth guidance on different issues related to conflict prevention, inclusive peacebuilding and human security.

Portfolio overview for peace and security

Sida's portfolio overview details how the support to peace and security is used.

Updated: November 17, 2021