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  • 2005-12-12 Publikation

    The role of the Department for Policy and Methodology

    This brochure is designed to give insight into how the Department for Policy and Methodology (POM) can support Sida-staff in the field.

  • 2004-11-22 Publikation

    Manual for Conflict Analysis

    This methodology tool has been developed to provide Sida with practical guidance on how to analyse violent conflicts in order to understand better how development co-operation is affected by and can affect potential or ongoing violent conflicts. The tool is aimed at helping the user to assess conflict risks so that strategies, programmes and projects can become more conflict sensitive. It has been ...

    Inger Buxton , Erik Melander , Mats Bengtsson , Patrick Kratt

  • 2006-10-05 Publikation

    Increased Aid Effectiveness - Sida Action Plan 2006-2008

    This Action Plan describes Sida's activities and processes to facilitate the implementation of the Paris Declaration regarding increased aid effectiveness. The Plan includes six components: 1. Monitoring implementation of the declaration 2. Development of methods and procedures 3. Learning and competence development 4. Communication 5. Quality assurance 6. Monitoring of the action plan

    Department for Policy , Methodology

  • 2004-10-13 Publikation

    Sustainable Agriculture A Summary of Sida's experiences and priorities

    This is one of four similar papers written within the Department for Natural Resources and the Environment (DNRE) during 1997 - 1999 as inputs into a process intended to result in a policy document for Sidas work in natural resources management. The other three papers deal with water resources management, forestry and rural development methodology respectively. Inevitably, there is some overlap between ...

    Department for Natural Resources , the Enviroment (NATUR)

  • 2002-04-16 Publikation

    Swedish Support to the Energy Sector in Eritrea

    The Swedish support to the energy sector in Eritrea started in 1992 through a cooperation arrangement between Eritrea Electricity Authority (EEA) and Sydkraft. It included support for increased electricity production, management development and elaboration of master plans for long-term securing of electricity supply. The study included literature collection and study, interviews, field trip, seminars ...

    Ralph Kårhammar

  • 2005-04-27 Publikation

    An Analysis of Key Documents and Interviews with the Poor

    This desk study is the second in a series on poverty in Balkan countries, and is intended to provide a number of perspectives from which to view the socio-economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), in order to form a point of departure for a discussion of future forms of development. Following a methodology established in a Pilot Study on FYR Macedonia, the study examines the content of key ...

    Monica Montoya

  • 2006-01-12 Publikation

    Questions and Answers on Programme Based Approaches

    This paper brings together frequently asked questions about Programme Based Approaches and related modalities of funding. It places the question within the broader framework of the Paris Declaration for Aid Effectiveness.Attached is a background document on Delegated Cooperation.The paper makes reference to guidelines that provide the framework for Sida's participation in and support to Programme Based ...

    Ingemar Gustafsson ,

  • 2005-02-11 Publikation

    Programme Support and Public Financial Management

    Rapporten utvecklar förslag avseende Sida's förhållningssätt till bedömning av de offentliga finansiella styrsystemens kvalitet, liksom metoder för analys och diagnostiska instrument samt det internationella samarbetet kring dessa frågor. Förslag lämnas om att Sida bör öka sina insatseer för kapacitets- och systemutveckling i finansiell styrning i de länder som mottar budgetstöd och/eller där sektorprogramstöd ...

    Department for Policy , methodology

  • 2005-12-12 Publikation

    Poverty Reduction Strategies

    Position Paper

    This document presents general principles on how Sida should relate to national Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRSs) in partner countries. It discusses criteria for assessing PRSs. These are related to the poverty analysis, the PRS process, the consistency of the strategy, the capacity for implementing the strategy and the monitoring and results framework. It draws some conclusions how the result of ...

    Department for policy , methodology

  • 2006-11-02 Publikation

    Current Thinking on the Two Perspectives of the PGD

    Perspektivpapperets syfte är att klarlägga vad som krävs för att de bägge perspektiven i PGUn ska anses väl omhändertagna inom utvecklingssamarbetet genom Sida. De två perspektiven - rättighetsperspektivet och fattiga människors perspektiv på utvecking - diskuteras därför vad de betyder inom ramen för Sidas ledningsnivåer och kompetensutveckling, Sidas processer samt Sidas olika roller. Specifika åtgärder ...

    Departent for policy , methodology