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  • 2002-04-15 Publikation

    Sida-SAREC's Support to the International Centre for Theoretical Physics

    SAREC's support to The International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) began in 1976. Support to the two ICTP programmes is considered an important part of SAREC's efforts to strengthen basic sciences in developing countries. The evaluation is a "top-down" evaluation, as requested limiting its attention to a certain aid programme and tracing its impact over time in different environments.

    Olle Edqvist , John S Nkoma

  • 2002-04-15 Publikation

    SAREC Supported Dryland Research Programmes in East Africa

    SAREC has provided support for three different programmes concerned with land use in the African Drylands. These programmes are qualitatively different and have different emphases but all are designed to improve the human resource base and the understanding of the complex problems of pastoralists and other land users in their interaction with their environment. Capacity building, promotion of problem ...

    David Gibbon , Bruce Campbell

  • 2003-08-05 Publikation

    Research Cooperation II - Trends in Development and Research


  • 2002-03-25 Publikation

    Building Research Capacity in Ethiopia

    SAREC's programme in Ethiopia has explicitly targeted capacity building and has attempted to provide all components: training, cooperative partners, equipment and other physical facilities, consumables and literature. SAREC's counterpartin the cooperation is the Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission (ESTC). The support since the late 1970s amounts to SEK 155 million. The aim of the evaluation ...

    E W Thulstrup , M Fekadu , A Negewo

  • 2002-04-15 Publikation

    Natural Science Research in Zimbabwe. An Evaluation of SAREC support for research capacity building

    Since the late 1980s SAREC has supported the following four natural science projects at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare, which are considered of particular importance for sustainable economic development in the country: Protein Biotechnology, Chromite Mining and Ferrochrome Smelting, Groundwater Resources Development, and Environmental Chemistry. One main purpose of this evaluation of the impact ...

    Erik W Thulstrup , Daniel Jagner , Peter N Campbell

  • 2006-08-21 Publikation

    Sida/SAREC Bilateral Research Cooperation: Lessons learned

    The evaluation report is assessing the Sida/SAREC bilateral research cooperation with Bolivia, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Tanzania during the years 2000 to 2005. The evaluators have examined the effectiveness, impact, relevance, sustainability and efficiency of the cooperation, as well as the programme design and management. Overall the evaluation is positive about the achievements and recommends that ...

    Ad Boeren , Tom Alberts , Thomas Alveteg , Erik W. Thulstrup , Lena Trojer

  • 2002-04-04 Publikation

    Sida/SAREC's Marine Science Programs

    Bilateral Programs in Tanzania and Mozambique and the Regional Program of East Africa Sida/SAREC's marine science programs in East Africa were established in the mid-1980s to address the increasing concerns about marine resource mismanagement. THere was also a realization that the developing countries must enhance their knowledge of marine if they are to be able to manage their marine and coastal resources. ...

    Jan Rudengren , Per Brinck , Brian Davy

  • 2002-04-11 Publikation

    Research Cooperation between Sweden and Uruguay 1986-1995

    From 1986/87 to 1994/95, SAREC funded research cooperation between Sweden and Uruguay. SAREC supported nine projects in all, five in medicine (70 % funding), two in agriculture (19 %), one in technology (5 %) and one in economics (6 %). The evaluation covers research cooperation in eight areas of medicine, the natural sciences and technology. The IDB/Conicyt programme, which the team evaluated as a ...

    Osvaldo Goscinski , Mikael Jondal , Claes Sandgren , Per Johan Svenningsson

  • 2002-04-11 Publikation

    Sida/SAREC Marin Science Programs in East Africa

    A final evaluation of the Sida/SAREC Marine Science Program was completed in July 1999 focusing principally on activities undertaken since a mid-term evaluation in 1996. The Marine Science Program encompasses Bilateral Programs in Mozambique and Tanzania, and a Regional Program that was formally initiated in 1992. The fundamental purpose of these three marine science initiatives has been to build research ...

    Stephen B. Olsen , James Tobey , Per Brinck

  • 2006-09-27 Publikation

    Organisationsstudie av SAREC

    Syftet med denna organisationsstudien är att bedöma SARECs effektivitet i hanteringen av verksamhetsgrenen forskning. Studien täcker frågor avseende mål och uppgift samt organisationens ändamålsenlighet och kapacitet. Studien är en av sex studier i en större översyn av forskningssamarbetet. Resultatet av dessa studier finns syntetiserade i en separat syntesrapport som också används i avrapporteringen ...

    Lina Lenefors , Lennart Gustafsson , Arne Svensson