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  • 2002-04-11 Publikation

    Psychiatry Reform in Eastern Europe

    Psychiatry has been a key area of cooperation and support through the East Europe Committees of the Swedish Health Care Community (SEEC). The support has mainly concerned the three Baltic countries, and the North Western part of Russia. The objectives of the support have been transfer of knowledge and development of organisational structure and legislation.

    Nils Öström

  • 2002-04-08 Publikation

    Sida Support to the Psycho Social Rehabilitation Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SweBiH)

    Sida has since 1997 supported mental health services and social work in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Swedish Psychiatric Social and Rehabilitation Project. The main activities have been training of staff by Swedish experts in shorter seminars and longer term courses, as well as support for literature, national conferences and participation in international conferences. InOctober 2001 Sida commissioned ...

    Nils Öström

  • 2002-09-25 Publikation

    UNICEF's programme for Water and Sanitation in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras 1998-2001

    Sida commissioned an evaluation of support for Water and Sanitation programmes through UNICEF in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras 1998-2001, which was performed in February 2002.

    Nils Öström , Leticia Velásquez , Julio Urías

  • 2003-08-19 Publikation

    Swedish-Polish Cooperation in the Field of Pension Reforms 1996-2002

    The evaluation assess the relevance, effects impact and sustainability of Polish-Swedish cooperation. It concludes that the Swedish development cooperation with Poland. The project achieved the main goal, i.e. to provide advice for a economically realiaable pension system in Poland. The project was also efficiently performed.

    Nils Öström

  • 2002-04-05 Publikation

    Project for Development of Social Work in St Petersburg 1998-2000

    Sida has supported cooperation between the Department of Social Work, Stockholm University and local authorities in St Petersburg aiming at the development of social work in the city since December 1997. In 2000, Sida decided to perform an independent evaluation of the project before deciding on further support during 2001. The evaluation, including a survey of participants in training activities, ...

    Nils Öström , Dmitri Gavra

  • 2002-04-05 Publikation

    Follow-up of Social Sector Support to Moldova

    Sida support to the social sector in Moldova (since 1998) is aimed at training of staff in institutions and in county and municipal authorities responsible for care of vulnerable children and elderly. The support also includes financing through the Moldovan Social Investment Fund of a special component for micro-projects with the vulnerable children as beneficiaries. A follow-up of the results was ...

    Nils Öström

  • 2003-02-24 Publikation

    Contract-financed Technical Co-operation and Local Ownership - Mongolia Country Study Report.

    This evaluation deals with contract-financed technical co-operation (KTS) as a particular aid form in Swedish development co-operation. In Particular the study explores the link between local ownerhip and the various characterstics of KTS projects, such as being demand-driven, limited in time, scope and financial volume, involve a competent local partner and based on a contract between a consultant ...

    Nils Öström , Max Spoor

  • 2002-04-09 Publikation

    Swedish Support to Local Self Governance in Mongolia

    Sida's support for Capacity Building for Local Self Governance in Mongolia was evaluated in November 1999, through interviews with main actors and trainees in Ulaan Baatar and in nine provinces. The project includes training of local politicians and administrative staff, twinning collaborations with local governments in Sweden, strengthening of the national support association and policy research institutions. ...

    Nils Öström , Lennart Lundquist

  • 2005-05-15 Publikation

    Programa "Acceso" en el sector de salud de Honduras

    The Acceso programme in Honduras has contributed to increased access to services and also to reduction in morbidity and mortality. In many cases, the programme has also contributed to improved planning in general and the generation of ideas for local development projects outside the health sector. Acceso has provided a flexible and efficient support to the management of health services in 8 provinces ...

    Nils Öström , Leticia Velásquez , Sergio Rottenschweiler

  • 2003-04-01 Publikation

    Fideicomiso para el Desarollo Local en Guatemala: Evaluación de avances y resultados

    Evaluación de avances y resultados de un programa para mejoramiento del hábitat popular y condiciones de vida en áreas urbanas en cinco departamentos de Guatemala. El programa consiste en financiamiento para créditos a infraestructura, mejoramiento de vivienda y microempresas. La evaluación recomienda simplificar el alcance y el contenido del programa así como fortalecer el enfoque del sistema de microfinanzas ...

    Roberto Samayoa , Ingrid Faulhaber , Nils Öström , Karin Dahlström