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  • 2003-12-05 Publikation

    Moldova: Result Assessment 1996-2003

    Sida's support to Moldova 1996-2003 Program Evaluation.

    Anders Zeijlon

  • 2003-02-11 Publikation

    Ukraine Result Assessment 1991-2001

    A decade of Swedish Development Cooperation Assistence. Results from Sweden's development cooperation assistance program with Ukraine from 1991 to 2001. Ukraine Result Analysis.

    Anders Zeijlon

  • 2003-01-14 Publikation

    Turkey: Country Review

    An analysis of the country and its development is the most important instrument used in the production of a country strategy. The following layout is common: basic data, summary, history, politics, poverty, economic development, democracy and human rights, gender equality, environment and sustainable development, public administration, foreign support.

    Anders Zeijlon