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  • 2005-08-19 Publikation

    Sida supported ICT Project at Makerere University in Uganda

    The focus of this report is to provide an evaluation of the Sida supported ICT Project at Makerere University in Uganda. The objectives of the Sida contribution were to assist Makerere University in incorporating ICT in all its functions; to provide Internet connectivity to research groups supported by Sida long-term research co-operation; to build technical and managerial capacity in information technology ...

    Alan Greenberg , Gerrit Versluis

  • 2002-11-06 Publikation

    Sida Supported ICT Projects at Universities and Research Organizations in Sri Lanka

    Sidas Department for Research Cooperation, SAREC, provides assistance for strengthening national research capacity in developing countries. The current Sri Lanka research cooperation program covers 13 projects in universities and research institutes. Sida believes that a sound foundation in computers and access to the Internet has become essential for modern higher education and research. Encouraged ...

    Alan Greenberg , George Sadowsky

  • 2006-03-08 Publikation

    Country ICT Survey for Sri Lanka

    Background and Objectives: Sida supports a variety of cooperative development projects in Sri Lanka, among them a project supporting ICT infrastructure development and human resources development within Sri Lankan universities. These activities are currently being extended to include assistance in the development of a national ICT policy and strategy framework. As background for future Sida ICT efforts ...

    Alan Greenberg

  • 2007-12-14 Publikation

    Assessment of Comparative Advantages of Swedish ICT Support in Tanzania

    In the Swedish Cooperation strategy for development cooperation with Tanzania, 2006-2010 the institutional support to ICT development was identified as a phase out sector. The cooperation strategy also states that "the ongoing effort of supporting ICT integration in the education sector should be gradually aligned with the general budget allocation to education. Sweden's comparative advantages ...

    Alan Greenberg

  • 2008-02-18 Publikation

    Sida's support to Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for Development

    Sida began selectively supporting Information and Telecommunications Technologies (ICTs) in the mid-1990s. In 1999 Sida adopted a strategy for the use of ICTs in Development Cooperation (ICT for Development, or ICT4D). In 2002, an ICT4D Secretariat was created at Sida. The Secretariat's mandate was to support all of Sida and Swedish Embassies regarding the use of ICT4D, and to effectively "mainstream" ...

    Alan Greenberg

  • 2006-08-03 Publikation

    Evaluation of Sida Information and Communications Technologies Support to Universities

    Since 1998 Sida´s Department for Research Cooperation has supported various Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) projects to build or strengthen the ICT infrastructure at universities in twelve countries. The total investment in these projects, individually tailored to the needs of the countries and universities, amounts to around 300 milion SEK. This evaluation investigates the effectiveness, ...

    Alan Greenberg , Americo Muchanga