Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment: Scope for Sida’s Engagement

[Thematic Overview]

Gender Tool Box
Women’s economic empowerment is one of the most important factor contributing to equality between women and men. A specific focus on women is necessary given that women are a majority among economically disadvantaged groups. For this reason Swedish development cooperation prioritises support for women’s economic empowerment, as part of its overall development programming. This thematic overview aims to generate a structured debate and dialogue on the subject of women’s economic empowerment. Its objective is to define the scope of operational programming in the context of Sweden’s engagement with partner governments and institutions. Gendered power structures and social norms lock both women and men in positions that limit their productivity and ability to make choices to improve their situation. However, for the purpose of this paper we discuss the economic empowerment of women, while stressing the need to work with men – as partners to women or sometimes due to their own disadvantage.

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