Evaluation of 3rd Call off of civil society support through umbrella organisations 2013–2017

Final Report June 2017

Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Kathleen Webb , Agneta Gunnarsson , Camille Pellerin , Abdulatif Idris , Bezawit Bekele
This report presents the findings, conclusions and recommendations from the evaluation of the third call of civil society support in Ethiopia through umbrella organisations. In the third call, five umbrella organisations were funded with a total of MSEK 61 for three years. They in turn selected some hundred sub-grantees/implementing partners. The projects were supposed to contribute to strengthening the role and capacity of civil society, address marginalised areas and groups, gender equality, women’s and youth’s economic empowerment and harmful traditional practices (HTPs) and gender based violence (GBV). The evaluation recommends the umbrella organisations to initiate a process where plans and strategies for influencing policy making are elaborated. Also, it is recommended to develop and implement monitoring and evaluation systems, in order to account for resource use as well as for learning purposes. The recommendations to the Embassy/Sida include considering the advantages and disadvantages with different types of partners – CBOs, mass-based and developmental and NGOs.

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