The Evaluation of VAHU Foundation on core support for the period 2011-05-30 – 2015-03-31 Final Report

Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Jups Kluyskens , Matt Desmond
In 2009 VAHU was created with a legal basis and office in Chiang Mai. After a move to Yangon, VAHU created a local office in Myanmar and is legally registered as an NGO ther since early 2015. The Swedish support to VAHU is a continuation of support to Myanmar since the early 2000s. The key objectives of this evaluation were to generate information on how effective the VAHU foundation has been in achieving results and identifying how much their move to Yangon influenced positive results and the original program outline. The grant that Sida provided was highly relevant to CSOs in Myanmar and enabled VAHU to continue its work in Chiang Mai and later in Yangon. The core support also attracted other donors who provided programme support. The core training programmes and research were relevant to Myanmar NGO representatives as well as government officials and others. The move to Yangon enabled VAHU to work more closely with government, CSO, politicians, and create networks for advocacy and change. The Sida grant has provided VAHU with flexibility allowing VAHU to operate in a challenging situation, responding to different needs and grasping opportunities when they arose. VAHU has the potential for reach and influence across Myanmar civil society and this model has visible impact.

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