Humanitarian and Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan 2001–2005, from Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom

Joint Evaluation
The international assistance to Afghanistan following the ousting of the Taliban-regimeat the end of 2001 has in many ways been unique. First, it has sought to combine the immediate humanitarian and rehabilitation efforts with a longer-term post-conflict reconstruction and development perspective. Secondly, the donor countries at a very early stage attempted to coordinate a joint strategic approach of harmonised efforts,including prioritisation of a limited number of selected sector interventions by each donor. Finally, by focusing on capacity building of the new Afghan government aligning the donor assistance mainly through the government-administered programmes, a new agenda of post-conflict assistance has been set The evaluation found that the aid, combined with economic recovery, has contributed to meeting the humanitarian needs, to rehabilitating vital parts of society, and, to a certain extent, to sustainable development processes.

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