Nicaragua Executive Summary, Evaluation and monitoring of Poverty Reduction Strategies - 2003

Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
This report first reviews the conditions under which the Nicaraguan PRSP has been formulated and adopted, by giving a summary presentation of the political, economic and social context in the country at that time. This is followed by an analysis and evaluation of the public consultation process associated with the formulation of the ERCERP, by an evaluation of the poverty diagnosis underlying the strategy and of its contents. There follows an evaluation of the implementation of the strategy, paying particular attention to the management of public expenditure and to the monitoring mechanisms for the strategy. The role of donors is then analysed, some lessons are drawn and some recommendations made. This report is based on primary and secondary information collected between January and November 2003 by an ISS team and in the evaluation by the same team of the processes associated with the production of the Nicaraguan PRSP.

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