Sida’s Support to Public Administration and Institutional Capacity Development 2003-2015:

Perspectives, Evidence and Lessons Learned

Göran Hydén , Marina Buch Kristensen , Kirza Buch Kristensen , Hamish Nixon (ODI)
Democracy and human rights have made great progress in many parts of the world over the last 30 years, not least in Sweden’s development cooperation partner countries. However, we also see a reversal of this trend since 2005, and oppression and authoritarianism are increasing. In 2016, for the 11th consecutive year, oppression increased in more countries than those where democratic progress was recorded. Public institutions based on democratic principles and working for sustainable development play a critical role in democratic governance. But today there are those who question both the intrinsic value of democracy and whether democratic public administration is instrumental for guaranteeing the fulfilment of human rights and the delivery of public services to the population.

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