Evaluation of Sida Support to ECPAT International - Final Report

Sida Decentralised Evaluation

Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Louise Mailloux , Agneta Gunnarsson
The evaluation assessed the effectiveness, relevance, efficiency and sustainability of ECPAT International and provided recommendations to improve future programming and operations. ECPAT is regarded as an organization that “punches above its weight.” However, eliminating CSEC by 2030 according to the SDG agenda will require expanding efforts, strategic thinking and prioritisation and a focus on outcomes. ECPAT should also articulate how programmes and different levels of the organisation contribute to results and should consider a more systematic approach to building the capacity of members. ECPAT should also review the effectiveness of coalitions in member countries as strategy to achieve greater results. It also should review the effectiveness of its new children’s participation model in two or three years. A more robust monitoring and evaluation system is also needed to capture results at different levels, including at country level. ECPAT should explore with Sida the possibility of developing a results framework that includes all its donors’ contributions. Its fundraising strategy needs reassessing, as well as a more sustained presence in Europe or North America.

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