Evaluation of Sida’s Support to Tostan (2010-2016) - Final Report

Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Kimiko Hibri Pedersen , Alassane Binta Diop , Helena Neves , Olivia Lazard , Jérôme Gouzou
Sida supported a community based programme aspiring to promote peace and security in rural communities of West Africa. The programme improved the technical knowledge and capacity of peace committees in conflict management and mediation techniques and the participation of women in local conflict resolution mechanisms. It created a space for dialogue and networking among peers across borders but did not systematically pursue working with topics of significance to the regional peace and security agenda. Concurrently, the programme contributed to an overall reduction in conflicts in local communities, although the types of conflicts resolved primarily addressed village level conflicts that do not strongly address issues relevant to the regional peace and security agenda. The programme would strongly benefit from a context and conflict analysis, a well-founded and articulated strategic vision and theory of change, stronger focus on the organisational and financial capacity development of peace committees and linkages to organisations working on similar and complementary issues.

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