Midterm Review of GESTERRA Capacity Building Programme on Land Management and Administration within DINAT - Final Report

Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Ian Christoplos , Dale Doré , André Calengo , Svend Erik Sørensen
The purpose of this mid-term review is to provide the donors and the National Land Directorate of Mozambique (DINAT) with recommendations on how to improve the functioning of the Capacity Building Programme on Land Management and Administration (GESTERRA. Given the early stage in programme implementation, methods for this focused on assessing potential contributions of the programme to intended goals and the capacity that has been developed to adapt the programme to changing conditions. The Review found that the overall Theory of change is largely consistent with Mozambican, Dutch and Swedish policy goals. The programme had a challenging start and effectiveness has thus not been assessed against its original objectives. Strong commitments to land administration in the Terra Segura have contributed to that structures are in place and actors have been mobilised, which shows promise for future development. There are plausible assumptions about paths to sustainability for GESTERRA’s outcomes in the long-term, but these assumptions are dependent on mid-term actions to define clearer roles and more realistic judgements. Worth noting is also the strong commitment to gender equality.

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