Joint Scandinavian Evaluation of Support to Capacity Development - Synthesis Report

Joint Evaluation
Svend Erik Sørensen , Gonçalo Carneiro
Sida, Danida and Norad have conducted a joint evaluation of our support to capacity development in partner countries. The joint evaluation produced a series of background studies and three parallel evaluations of the agencies’ portfolios of capacity development in public sector organisations. The parallel evaluations followed an approach grounded in a generic theory of change for support to capacity development as developed in one of the background studies. The objectives of the joint evaluation were to (i) generate knowledge for a more evidence-based design of strategies for capacity development; and (ii) produce evidence of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact of the agencies’ support to capacity development. This report is the main output of the last phase of the joint evaluation, and presents a synthesis of the findings and conclusions of the Sida, Danida and Norad evaluation reports. In the light of other knowledge and experience, the synthesis also aimed at extracting learnings of relevance to the development community more widely.

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