Mid-term Review of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s Programme in China - Final Report

Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Cecilia Magnusson Ljungman , Mark Sidel
The Mid-term Review of Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s Human Rights Capacity Development Programme in China (2014-2016) assessed effectiveness, relevance, sustainability and efficiency. Under current complex and difficult circumstances in China, the evaluation found that the RWI programme is making progress toward reaching its objectives. A majority of the results so far are at output level, but there are also outcome achievements and spin-offs for each outcome area – not least because the support is the result of cumulative efforts over several years. Among the factors contributing to effective implementation are a long track record, high credibility, competent and committed staff and the ability to identify change agents form within the system who enjoy high ownership of the efforts. The programme is relevant to both Chinese and Swedish policy and to the needs in the country. The evaluators deem that the programme has a moderate to moderately high level of sustainability. The review recommends that RWI, Sida and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs should convene regular to discuss issues of mutual interest and also aim to meet annually with the other Nordic counterparts. Among the recommendation to RWI is the need to systematically use e-surveys to monitor the training efforts.

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