Evaluation of Support to the Implementation of Priority Activities in the National Action Plan for Gender Equality, Republic of Serbia - Final Report

Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Johannes J.A. Blankert , Ana Popovicki Capin , Annika Nilsson
Since 2010, Sweden has supported the implementation of the Serbian National Action Plan for Improving the Position of Women and Enhancing Gender Equality (NAP). The purpose of this evaluation was to review the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisational set up and project design of the support, with focus on 2013. The evaluation concludes that the organisational set up and design of the project were indeed weak. Almost all activities were delayed and the likelihood of reaching any of the expected outcomes is slim. The main reasons for the limited progress of the project were (a) lack of political will; (b) scattered activities without a clear theory of change; (c) poor cooperation and communication between the parties involved; (d) lack of overall leadership and monitoring and (e) lack of coordination with other stakeholders. The evaluation concludes that the continued Swedish support to gender equality promotion in Serbia is highly relevant. The support should continue but with a revised strategy and with another organisational set up. Donor coordination and local ownership/commitment will be key factors for an improved set-up. The evaluation recommends that the Embassy freeze the project and redefine the scope and organisation of the project, aiming at a re-start in January 2015.

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