1986/3 From Hospitals to Health Centres - A Joint Evaluation of Swedish Assistance to Health Sector Development in Kenya 1969- 1985, paris II and III


Lillemor Andersson-Brolin, Carl-Gunnar Eriksson, Ralf Johnsson, John Martin, Johnson Nganga, Samuel Ongayo, Christina Regnell and Charles Thube
Serier – Rapporter 1970 - 2001Description:
This second volume of "From Hospitals to Health Centres"comprises two studies ofdiflferent kinds. Part II, a field study comparing three SiDA-supported rural health centres with three ordinary ones, concludes that improvements of buildings and equipment do not necessarily lead to a better health care. Part III is a macro-analysis of the health services in Kenya. It concludes that the number of health institutions has increased substantially during 15 years of Swedish support. However, the health centres are spread out very unevenly.pages:80