Searching for Impact and Methods: NGO Evaluation Synthesis Study


Stein-Erik Kruse, Timo Kyllönen, Satu Ojanperä, Roger C. Riddel, Jean-Louis Vielajus.
Serier – Rapporter 1970 - 2001Description:
Joint Evaluation 1997:1 / In bnef the twofold purpose of the Study was to gather and &yntheslse NGO evaluatIOns of development projects and programmes m order first to present data and mformatlOn on the Impact ofNGO dcvclopment mterventlOns and secondly, to review cvaluatlOn methods used The draft fmal Report, prepared for the OECD/DAC EJl.port Group on evaluatIOn, was completed m eal ly Apnl 1997 Followmg the Report s dlssemmatlOn and a sene~ of meetmgs to obtam fecdback on the findmgs and conclusIOns, the Report was finalIsed m Decemberpages:210