Fighting Poverty Strategically och Mocambique (00/22) - Assumtions and Partnerships in the Making of a Country Strategy (01/07)

Förslag till ställningstaganden och åtgärder avseende landstrategiutvärderingarna för Tanzania

Sida Evaluation
Marc Wuyts , Helena Dolny , Bridget O Laughlin
An Evaluation of the Swedish-Mozambican Experience Based on the experience of the 1996-2001 Country Strategy process, this report suggests ways to make the Country Strategy a more effective tool for Sida's management of development cooperation In Mozambique. It attends particularly to the changing context of partnership within which development cooperation must work. The major shifts in the context of partnership are: - the move towards multilateral programme support and SWAPs; - emphasis on extending the voices of partnership beyond the national government to provincial and district levels; - emphasis on forging partnership with beneficiaries of aid through the organisations of civil society. The evaluation is complemented with a Management Response.

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