Sida Support to the Asian Institute of Technology - Annex, Overall programme and crosscutting issues


Jan Rudengren, Inga-Lill Andréhn, Guy Bradley, Richard Friend, Dan Vadnjal
Serier – Sida EvaluationDescription:
Sida Evaluation 00/10:4 / AIT, established in 1959, provides academic programmes as well as research and outreach activities. Sida has supported AIT since 1988 focussing on capacity building, environment and poverty related issues. The present evaluation covers three sub-programmes (the Aqua Outreach, Electric Power Ssystems Management and Scholarships Programmes) and core AIT funding. The AIT-Sida co-operation has been found highly relevant. However, the study concludes that a continuation would demand a more precise formulation and include a closer monitoring of key impact indicators. There are also overlaps and poor communications between donors and institutions, particularly within AOP, that need attention.