Yttrande över Sida Evaluation 99/17: "Dollars, Dialogue and Development. An Evaluation of Swedish Programme Aid"


Howard White et al.
Serier – Sida EvaluationDescription:
PROMEMORIA / During the 1990s Sweden has disbursed over SEK 7 billion of Swedish programme aid, comprising nearly 12 per cent of total aid. Over the past ten years there have been evaluations of Swedish programme aid to a number of countries. But these have been on a country-by-country basis, lacked a common framework and have typically not addressed the central question of how programme aid supports policy change. In order to obtain a comprehensive picture, Government decision dated 1996-11-18 charged Sida with the task of evaluating Swedish balance of payments support, which has been more broadly constructed by the Evaluation Department to mean programme aid (PA).
The Evaluation is complemented with a Management Response.