Sida-Supported Programme within the African Energy Policy Research Network, AFREPREN

Sida Evaluation
Frede Hvelplund , Ernst Worrell
Launched in 1989, AFREPREN brings together over 100 African energy researchers and policy makers who have a long-term interest in energy research and the policy-making process. AFREPREN is a collective regional response to the widespread concern over the weak link between energy research and formulation and implementation of energy policy in Africa. AFREPREN has initiated and/or participated in energy programmes in 18 African countries mainly in eastern and southern Africa. AFREPREN was conceived on the premise that the countries in Eastern and Southern Africa display many common features in the availability and use of natural resources, environment, demography, land use, economy and trade, and are faced with similar challenges with respect to energy use and supply. The key objective of AFREPREN is to strengthen local research capacity and to harness it in the service of energy policy making and planning. The regional coverage, and participation from various backgrounds, as well as size of the programme makes AFREPREN unique among energy networks in the world.

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