Swedish Support to the Education Sector in Sri Lanka

Sida Evaluation
Ulf Metzger , Tuija Stenbäck , Kusum Athukorala
Sweden has since the mid-1970s, been one of the leading bilateral donors supporting the Sri Lankan Government's effort to provide quality education to the primary and lower secondary levels. The main objectives of Swedish support have been to increase the quality and access to education for children in disadvantaged groups and areas, with the main emphasis on primary education. The Swedish support is channeled through the Ministry of Education & Higher Education and the National Institute of Education. The focus of the review is an analysis of the overall goals and the specific objectives listed in the current Specific agreement on Education for each component, and an assessment to what extent these goals and objectives have been achieved. Data have been collected in the form of interviews, project reports, monitoring reports, evaluation studies, statistics, school census, achievement test results, internal assessments reports etc. at central and local level. Visits were paid to all relevant institutions.

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