Mapping for Economic Development

Sida Evaluation
Karlis Goppers
Sida-supported satellite imagery and computerized cadastral support systems in the Phillippines The objective of the Cadastral Support to Land Reform project, which has been going on in three phases since 1991, was to provide systems support- based on the latest computerized geographical information for the country's Comprehensive Agrarian Reform, CARP. Project outputs also provide essential elements for land valuation and taxation, and are vital inputs to resource managers, planners and policy makers. The objective of the Satellite Mapping for Natural Resources Management project, which likewise has been going on in three phases- from1987, was to provide the country's agencies responsible for natural resource management and environmental protection with satellite imagery data to facilitate their efforts of environmental protection and enhancement. The evaluation analyzes achievements and effects of the two projects at three different levels: the project level, the program level and the national level. For each of the projects a goal hierarchy based on logical framework analysis is constructed. Achieved results are assessed against planned targets, and outcomes discussed with respect to the following aspects: Social and economic equality/Poverty orientation; Economic growth; Democratization; Independence; Environment; Gender; and Sustainability/relevance.

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